Why I write it

deaf art 006

I’m a girl from the midwest who can hear that fell in love with a boy from the heart of Mexico who can’t.

Rewind: Relationships are hard. We know this. Communicating with your significant other can sometimes be like trying to talk to an intergalactic space nymph from planet “The hell did you just say?” But eventually, you learn. It’s hard, but you work through it and hopefully come out on the other side. NOW. All that pertains to a more or less “normal” relationship. My story is a little different.

One day, my conniving, devious ‘lil Heart decided, “HaHA! You will fall in love with THAT MAN!”

Enter Ivan, the tall (short), dark, handsome man of my dreams who, even if he could hear, wouldn’t have understood a word I said anyway because he didn’t know a lick of English. Between the two of us we had double culture and double language barriers, and he was only going to be in the United States for the next 2 years. (Want to ready my post about the double barriers? Click here!) In my mind I took a step back, put a hand on my chin, tilted my head and squinted at the situation to weigh the odds. Every iota of logic in my brain screamed that there was no light at the end of this tunnel. Luckily, ignoring-logic and me are old friends: “Ok Heart, you sneaky little spider monkey, lets see where this goes.”

This is a record of what happened after that, and what is continuing to happen daily. This is what we struggled with, the good times and the bad, and all of the incredibly insightful, and many times hilarious, happenings in between that brought us to where we are today. Yes, sometimes it’s hard, but he is worth every moment. I wouldn’t trade our unique challenges for any, what people have called,  “easier” relationship in the world.

My purpose is that through reading our story you can maybe grasp a little of what its like to see the world through his eyes, the fascinating aspects of Deaf Culture, and how a relationship that should’ve been doomed from the beginning has taught me more about myself and life than anything I’ve ever experienced. My hope is that some of you will start to learn alongside me.

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For the sake of clarity:

  • “All conversation communicated vocally will be conveyed with traditional quotation marks.”
  • All conversation communicated with Sign will by conveyed with Italics. 
  • The words “said” or “say” will be used to convey both vocal and signed remarks.

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